How Do I Qualify?

Are you ready to transform your health and quality of life today? Learn how you can qualify for weight loss surgery below.

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What to Expect as a Patient of
Marina Weight Loss Center

Choosing to go ahead with a weight loss surgery can be a very overwhelming task when facing it alone. At Marina Weight Loss, we are here to help. We have outlined everything you should expect from our weight loss surgery process. From your first thought about weight loss surgery to the day of your procedure, you’ll find everything you need to know below.


Calculate Your BMI

At Marina Weight Loss Center, patients that have 30-35+ Body Mass Index qualify for our weight loss surgeries. These numbers give our doctors a better representation of your overall health and wellness.

To calculate your BMI, please use the tool below:


If you have a BMI below 30, you may not qualify for surgery, but you may be eligible for other weight loss solutions. Contact us to learn more.


Schedule a Consultation

After your BMI has been calculated, you will be able to call in a schedule a consultation with one of our Bariatric surgeons. During this consultation, you can openly discuss any follow up questions you may have regarding your desired weight loss procedure.

You and your doctor will be able to openly and honestly discuss your options to ensure you are getting the best results using the right weight loss procedure.




Discuss & Finalize Insurance or Financing

Once your surgical evaluation is complete and you are cleared, you will have a meeting with our insurance coordinator. They will go over your insurance and finance options to ensure you are fully qualified for weight loss surgery.

To learn more about our insurance and financing options, please click on the button below.


Once you are completely cleared, both physically and financially, we will work with your calendar to schedule your preoperative visit and the actual procedure.


Surgical Evaluation and Clearance

After you have discussed all of your options with your surgeon, we will perform an evaluation to ensure you qualify to receive weight loss surgery. This evaluation will include the following:

  • Evaluate your nutrition habits
  • Psychological evaluation
  • For patients getting the lap band or the band over bypass procedure, we will need to perform an upper gastrointestinal imaging to ensure the stomach is strong enough for the band
  • Conduct a sleep study for patients struggling with sleep apnea
  • Test for cardiac clearance, if necessary
  • Obtain surgical clearance from your primary-care doctor

Depending on your medical history, there may be additional testing performed to ensure your utmost safety.


Preoperative Visits

During your preoperative visit, you will meet with your weight loss team. Your team is composed of a registered nurse, dietitian, psychologist, surgeon, and physical therapist. They will explain their roles in your procedure and ensure that you are completely informed and comfortable with the procedure.

Our team will get you completely ready for your surgery, which should be scheduled a week from this visit.


The Operation and Beyond

It’s now time to undergo your procedure. You can rest assured that our team of experienced, kind, and knowledgeable professionals will take proper care of you throughout your procedure to ensure maximum results.

Our relationship doesn’t end after your procedure is over. Your medical team will transform into your support group that will guide you through the recovery process with ease. They will assist you in recovery, nutrition, and exercise as you adjust to your post-surgery lifestyle.

If you are ready to transform your health today, please click below to get started.