Medical Weight Loss Centers

How We Compare to Other Medical Weight Loss Centers

At Marina Weight Loss Center, we have been named Los Angeles’ Bariatric Center of Excellence due to our advanced technology, best-in-class doctors, and dedication to our clients. Our center, a Cedars Sinai affiliate, has become one of the most relied upon institutions for medical weight loss. We offer a wide range of both surgical and non-surgical solutions to help our patients reach their goals in a way that’s best for their body.


Our Medical Weight Loss Procedures

At Marina Weight Loss Center, we are proud to offer a wide variety of surgical and non-surgical weight loss solution. Our doctors are trained in the most advanced forms of laparoscopic surgery, allowing you to achieve your weight loss goals with less risk. Our minimally invasive weight loss procedures are designed to give you the best results without the risks of regular surgery. Our laparoscopic surgery allows for little scarring, fast recovery time, and most of all, less complications. To learn more about the surgeries we offer, please click on the button below.


Getting Started at Our Medical Weight Loss Center

Ending your battle with obesity has never been easier. At Marina Weight Loss Center, our team of friendly doctors, nutritionists, and physicians will navigate you along your weight loss journey so you never go at it alone. From the day of your consultation until the day you have reached your goals, you will be paired with the same team of doctors. Your support team will not only be there for your medical needs, but also as a friend through your weight loss journey. To finally end your battle with obesity, reach out to us today.