Obesity Surgery

Best-in-Class Obesity Surgery

At Marina Weight Loss Center, we have been recognized as a Bariatric Center of Excellence in the Los Angeles County. This is due to our dedication to our patients, and most importantly, our highly-specialized surgeons. Each and every member of our surgeon staff has years of experience performing minimally invasive obesity surgeries. With our team by your side, you can finally conquer your battle with obesity.


Our Obesity Surgeries

Our doctors and surgeons are trained to perform a variety of minimally invasive obesity surgeries. These surgeries are designed to assist you in your portion control by altering the shape or size of your stomach. Our minimally invasive obesity surgeries are designed to provide quick recovery, little to no scarring, and less risks. Some of the many weight loss procedures that our doctors specialize in are:

Choosing the right weight loss surgery for your needs can be difficult on your own. Our doctors at Marina Weight Loss Center will take the time to get to know your needs to help you choose the best, most effective surgery to help you reach your goals.


Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals Has Never Been Easier

Are you ready to reach your weight loss goals? We’re here to help. Our doctors are excited to assist you in your weight loss journey. Please click on the button below to learn more about our weight loss procedures or to schedule a consultation.