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Patient Spotlight: Nita Sims

NitaWhen Nita Sims came to Marina Weight Loss Center in 2017, she was suffering from a number of illnesses due to her weight. In September 2017, she elected to have gastric bypass with Dr. Korman and today she is no longer taking medications and has more energy than she ever thought possible. Read on to be inspired by Nita’s 100+ pound weight loss journey!

What has been your biggest success thus far?

Not being sick. I was suffering from diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, and COPD (which required a 24 hour breathing machine). I no longer have to use a breathing machine, a walking cane, sleep apnea machine; I am off all diabetes and blood pressure medications. My day-to-day activities are so much easier – taking a shower, playing with my great grandson, cleaning the house, and even grocery shopping are enjoyable now.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Since the surgery, I have noticed an increased craving for sweets, especially late at night. To curb my appetite, I usually snack on fruit or a small amount of cereal.

What is your motivation for continued change?

Being able to breathe and walk without any pain.

What is your favorite quick, go-to healthy meal?

Avocado with black olives, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice.

What advice would you give to those considering weight loss surgery?

Do it! Don’t hesitate. It’s the best decision I have ever made.

What was the craziest diet you tried before your surgery?

Phen Phen was the craziest diet pill I have ever tried – it made my heart race and I had to check into the hospital!

What was the best/worst advice you ever received about dieting?

The worst advice was to only eat beef in order to lose weight. The best advice I received was here in the clinic – I followed the guidelines and recommendations step-by-step.

What would you tell your former self now if you could?

Do it. I was approved for surgery earlier, and had to start the process all over again.