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How to Avoid Scooter Related Injuries

e-scooterBetty Ramos, PT, has witnessed a rise in scooter-related injuries and has some advice for avoiding a trip to the ER.

There’s been an increase in the number of patients with electric scooter-related injuries being treated in the ER, being admitted for surgery, and requiring PT intervention.

You need only walk outside of the hospital a few steps to find an electric scooter on the sidewalk. These scooters are readily available and after a quick registration process on your smartphone, you are ready to head off on your adventure. I have been tempted myself to hop on one during my lunch break and zoom off.

Many potential riders, however, are not aware of the power and speed of these new electric scooters compared to their old kick scooter. These scooters can easily get up to 15 mph. Compare that to an average walking speed of 2 mph or an average biking speed of 10 mph in the city.

To avoid injury, fight that spontaneous urge to jump on a scooter. Plan. Make sure you wear a helmet. Test ride in an open, flat area. Get used to the controls. Watch the safety video and read the instructions.

Extra time planning and preparing for your scooter journey will help to keep you off the pavement, out of the ER and OR, out of a hospital bed and wheelchair, and off of crutches. You will also avoid the need for physical therapy to recover.