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Patient Spotlight: Danielle Nappi

Danielle-minWhen Danielle Nappi came to Marina Weight Loss Center, she had been diagnosed with several conditions caused by her weight, which were causing her health to deteriorate. In August of 2017, after exploring all her options, she elected to have the Sleeve Gastrectomy with Dr. Korman. Today, Danielle has lost a total 80 pounds and she is thriving in her new lifestyle. We are inspired by Danielle’s journey of self-love and we know you will be too!

What has been your biggest success thus far?

Definitely having learned to be a bit more kind to myself. I’ve always had a tendency to be very critical of myself and that usually leads to giving up completely when things aren’t going as planned. I’ve learned that it’s about progress, not perfection and to take things one day at a time. I celebrate the wins, not the hiccups, and never accept defeat.

What has been your biggest challenge?

Adopting an entirely new lifestyle can be tricky when the vast majority of your family and peers aren’t headed down a similar path for sure. Things like going out for drinks, social gatherings, where there aren’t many healthy options, and peer pressure. Things like that get tricky, but I do my best to plan ahead and adjust accordingly.

What is your motivation for continued change?

My health for sure. Prior to connecting with Dr. Korman I had been diagnosed with a few conditions that were causing my overall health to deteriorate rapidly. Since my procedure, my health has improved drastically and that is motivation enough to keep pushing. That aside, the boost in confidence and self-esteem is a real plus too!

What is your favorite quick, go-to healthy meal?

I grocery shop and meal prep every Sunday morning right after 7 am kickboxing. One of my staples is a healthy chicken & veggie crockpot chili that I’ve spent time perfecting recently. Whipping up & portioning out a pot of that at the beginning of the week is a real lifesaver!

What advice would you give to those considering weight loss surgery?

Take your time with making this decision, because it’s a big one! Ask questions. Find a solid support system & devise a plan for success every step of the way. Research your procedural options and talk to others who have gone through the process first. I cannot stress the importance of education enough.

What was the craziest diet you tried before your surgery?

Oh boy! I believe this question may need to be rephrased as ‘what crazy diet haven’t I tried!’ If there’s one thing that really stands out, it was the time I consumed nothing but liquid for 8 months. That one was interesting for sure.

What was the best/worst advice you ever received about dieting?

The best advice I’ve found to be 100% accurate for my personal experience is that it really is 80% what you put in your mouth, and 20% what you do with your body. Being conscious of my food choices coupled with a solid fitness routine has been key. The worst advice? Anything that has to do with extremism or unhealthy behavior, period.

What would you tell your former self now if you could?

You’re wonderful, you’re beautiful, you CAN do this, and you’re worth it. Everything is going to be okay. Be strong and believe in yourself.