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Patient Spotlight: Diana Duran

Duran-minIn December of 2012, Diana Duran drastically improved her life by choosing to have bariatric surgery. Dr. Korman performed the Gastric Band procedure when Diana’s starting weight was 192 pounds. Five years later, Diana is maintaining a healthy weight of 144 pounds! She no longer needs her CPAP machine and is keeping up with her two active grandchildren!

Tell us about your biggest success thus far?

My biggest success thus far is that I no longer need to sleep with my CPAP machine.

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge has been remembering to take my vitamins and drink more water on the weekends. During the week, I have an office job, so it is easy to drink water all day. I find that on the weekends it is not as easy since my family and I are always on the go. I also suffer from sciatica, so I can no longer work out the way I used to. I take walks and use the stairs instead of elevators whenever possible.

What is your motivation for continued change?

My motivation for continued change is that I do not want to have to use my CPAP machine every day. I also have two grandchildren and I like to stay active with them and not be out of breath.

What is your favorite quick, go-to healthy meal? 

I like to make little mason jars of overnight oats. My daughters introduced them to me. I like to add fresh berries and flaxseed. It is quick and easy to make several jars at a time and just grab one in the morning on my way out the door. I also like to keep a bag of raw almonds and walnuts for a quick snack.

What advice would you give to those considering weight loss surgery?

The surgery is a tool to help you. The surgery assists you to eat less and make healthy choices. You must be mentally ready to make the change for yourself. If you continue with your bad habits, the surgery will not work; it is all up to you.

What is the craziest diet you tried before surgery?

I spent a lot of money getting shots weekly. I would lose a few pounds, but the weight would always come back as soon as I stopped. I also tried juicing, which always gave me an upset stomach. Working in an office, I couldn’t keep up that crazy diet!

What was the best/worst advice you ever received about dieting?

Best advice I received is to drink plenty of water and eat smaller, more frequent meals. Worst advice is when people would say “just eat and enjoy life.” Life for me was miserable when I was overweight, I could not breath and was uncomfortable all of the time. Not suffering from sleep apnea is an added bonus.

What would you tell your former self now if you could?

Life is much better without the excess weight, both mentally and physically. The lap band was one of the best decisions I have ever made.