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Do You Qualify For Lap Band Surgery?

Doctor with tape measureLap Band Surgery Qualifications

When you are considering having lap band surgery, you might feel alone at first. If no one you know has had the surgery before, how do you know what to expect? Sure, there is plenty of information on the internet, but it’s nice to talk to someone who knows the procedure and someone who knows what you need in order to qualify for lap band surgery. As you consider the possibility for your life, here are the steps you would take in order to ensure you are a good candidate. You can get help any time from us here at Marina Weight Loss Center.

Calculate Your BMI

You should have a 30-35 or above Body Mass Index in order to qualify for lap band surgery. The BMI gives your doctor and surgeon an indication of your overall size and health and wellness. If you don’t know how to calculate BMI, ask your doctor or visit Marina Weight Loss Center and we can help.


If you already know your BMI puts you in a qualifying range, you can set up a consultation with a lap band surgeon at Marina Weight Loss Center. You get to ask any of the questions you have about lap band surgery procedures and whether or not it is the right choice for you. The doctor will talk openly and honestly with you about the lap band procedure in order to make sure you will get the best results if you choose to go that direction.


If everything looks good after your consultation and you want to move forward with the process, you will then get into the financial requirements of having lap band surgery. Marina Weight Loss Center will take a look at your insurance to see if any of the procedure will be covered in that manner. We will also talk to you about financing for any portion that isn’t covered by your insurance.


You will get a complete physical and emotional evaluation with your surgeon to make sure you qualify for lap band surgery. We will look at your nutrition habits, your psychological state, possible cardiac tests, and other health related items. You will need to be cleared in order to move forward with lap band surgery. If your evaluation shows that you are okay to have the surgery, you can schedule a time to get the process started.

During The Process

Once you undergo the procedure, you are in good hands with Marina Weight Loss Center. Our experienced professionals want to maximize your results while keeping you safe. And you don’t have to worry about having the procedure and then recovering all on your own. You have a medical team that can guide you through the recovery process as well. We will assist you with recovery, nutrition, exercise, and other things you will need to adjust to your lifestyle after lap band surgery. Having lap band surgery is a life changing experience that you will want to approach with care. Think through the process and take your time before you schedule the appointment.