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The Truth About Lap Band Surgery

An apple with a tape measure around itWhat You Need to Know About Lap Band Surgery

If you have been obese for quite some time, you have likely been on and off a lot of diets. Losing weight can seem impossible without the right form of help. But having lap band surgery or another type of weight loss surgery is scary. You’ve heard a lot of rumors and you’ve read a lot on the internet. So what’s the truth about lap band surgery?

Lap Band Surgery Goal

The overall goal of the lap band surgery is to limit the capacity of your stomach. That makes it easier for you to control your portions and causes you to lose weight. The lap band surgery is one of the most popular weight loss surgery choices on the market today. A small device is utilized to change the shape and size of your stomach. There are no permanent or surgical changes created. The adjustable band will help control the amount of food you can eat at one time, which allows you to lose weight and sustain that weight loss long term.

Surgery Procedures

The lap band surgery is often performed laparoscopically. Instead of having one large cut, there will be a series of smaller cuts. Doctors can control a camera and other medical instruments inside the body without a huge disturbance. This helps lower the risks you would have when you have a large, open surgery. Patients recover faster and can go about their normal lives much sooner. There is also less discomfort with a procedure of this nature.

The Lap Band Device

The lap band is a donut-shaped device that is placed over the stomach to create a small pouch. The band will be filled with saline so it is adjustable and customizable in case changes need to be made later. Every patient is different and not every patient will need the same amount of saline. The band will help you limit how much you eat so you will have to have a restricted diet in order to sustain the weight you loss. Doctors can adjust the size of the band with an access port using saline solution. You can loosen or tighten the belt later to reach your goals.

Is Lap Band Surgery For You?

If you are considering bariatric surgery, you may feel rather overwhelmed by the big decision. Before you put too much pressure on yourself, it is a good idea to find out if you qualify for such a surgery. First, calculate your Body Mass Index. There are easy calculators online to help you figure yours out in a simple manner. Patients who have a BMI of 30-35 or above are the ones who qualify for weight loss surgeries, including a possible lap band surgery. Once you are sure your BMI will qualify you as a candidate for surgery, it is a good idea to schedule a consultation with a bariatric surgeon. You can then openly discuss your goals, your situation, and all of the options you have before you. You and your doctor can decide whether or not the lap band surgery or another route is right for you.