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Lap Band Surgery Demonstrated Through Graphic

Benefits of the Lap Band

Why the Lap Band is the Best of the Bariatric SurgeriesLap Band Surgery Demonstrated Through Graphic

Probably the most widely-known and widely prescribed weight loss surgery, the Lap Band is an innovation that enables certain people to lose large amounts of weight and body fat, while still allowing them to eat normal foods. Though there are other bariatric procedures that are effective at enabling drastic weight loss, the Lap Band has the advantage of being a brand, and brands are able to easily market themselves as distinctive because of their names and signatures appearing on television and printed ads all over the nation. When used properly, and with your doctor’s recommendation, the Lap Band is a great option, and is such a great option for several stand-out reasons.

The Lap Band is Adjustable

This is probably the most cited benefit of the Lap Band bariatric surgical device: the construction. The Lap Band is a ring-shaped device made of non-irritating material that is placed around the stomach. Once the Lap Band has been installed, silicone is injected into the device, expanding to make the stomach pouch smaller, or shrinking to make the stomach pouch larger. When the Lap Band is applied, it splits the stomach into a small section, and a larger section. The small section will fill first, making you feel full. The larger section will help digest what filters down from the small section, and pass the food into the intestines, as usual. Weeks after your surgery, when you see results, your surgeon may feel that your progress will be enhanced by or that you are ready for an adjustment. Depending on what your surgeon feels is right for you, this could mean making your stomach pouch larger or smaller. Once you’ve gotten your life under control, your surgeon may opt to remove the Lap Band entirely, which is an easy procedure.

The Lap Band can be Installed Laparoscopically

Though this is a benefit of several weight loss surgeries, it is an especially important innovation for the Lap Band as the Lap Band is a device that can easily fit in a small incision away from the abdominal area. This enables your surgeon to minimize your risk of infection and decrease your recovery time. This also gives your surgeon to make their own job easier – in selecting a strategic incision site, it will be easier for them to make the necessary adjustments to your device, and to ensure that your progress is going well with it.

The Lap Band can be Removed

After your short weeks of recovery, after you’ve joined a support group, as you’re adjusting to your new diet and your new lease on life, it may occur to you that one day, you’d like to be able to enjoy a buffet again. You may think of the holiday season, where overeating is a requisite. Even with big progress in weight loss, there are things you will not want to give up permanently. Never fear if this is your concern: with your doctor’s permission, your Lap Band can come off, and your stomach will be restored to its normal size. Be advised that it will still be necessary to be more cautious when you are having meals, but you will be able to enjoy large meals when your Lap Band is removed. You could even let this be the celebration for all of your progress! Never hesitate to ask your doctor for more information.