Currently, many different misconceptions and myths are associated with surgery to eliminate excess weight. The article will discuss various features of the operation concerning the impact on the health of patients. However, it must be remembered that the result achieved as a result of the operation should be maintained. This will help you with useful tips that we will give in this article.

The article will discuss the myths:

About nutrition.
About the lifestyle.
About relationships.

The popularity of bariatric surgery is very high. In many TV shows, you can see stories about how people who have gone through such operations tell their stories. It is quite possible that you have friends who have either heard about this surgery, or participated in the operation themselves. It is quite natural that after a certain time, these stories become overgrown with a lot of rumors. We will try to tell you about the most common myths, as well as how true they are.
The operation will allow you to never worry about your weight again

Even the most effective operation is not able to permanently reduce your weight to a certain level. How long you can stay thin depends entirely on your efforts. Many patients quickly gain weight when the operating period passes. Some of them get fat slightly, while others regain their original weight. Weight loss is not eternal, but with proper nutrition and regular exercise, you can keep your body in optimal shape.
After the operation, there will be no problems with feeling hungry

The feeling of hunger will not disappear even after an expensive procedure. This will not occur immediately, but gradually the patient will begin to experience something like an abstinence syndrome associated with the lack of the usual amount of food. It will take time for the body to get used to receiving a small amount of food. There will be a slight feeling of hunger. Several years will pass from the moment of the operation, when the feeling of hunger will become quite strong. However, now you can satisfy it with a small amount of food. At this time, there are no restrictions on the amount of food, as in the postoperative period. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor that the meal does not last longer than 20 minutes. You should also refrain from snacking.
Surgery is the easiest way to lose weight

Many bariatric patients are extremely negative about statements that they preferred to choose the easiest way to lose weight. In fact, the surgical method is not easy. The reasons for this are as follows:

It will require significant financial investments or lengthy negotiations with the insurance company to pay for the operation.
To obtain permission for the operation, you will need long-term examinations and a large number of tests.
There is always the possibility of serious complications.
After the operation, the patient will need to eat only semi-liquid and liquid food for about a month.
During the time that the body adapts, the patient will experience constant bouts of nausea.
You will have to make significant efforts to change your eating habits for the rest of your life. From time to time, there will be a dumping syndrome. It is also possible to get stuck food and nausea, which is very unpleasant.
In some cases, hair loss may occur within three months of the operation.
Since it is no longer possible to maintain psychological comfort with food, patients often need to consult a psychologist.

The operation leads to the fact that in the future it is impossible to get pregnant and give birth to a child

This statement is erroneous, since many women who have undergone weight loss operations have normally endured pregnancy and childbirth. Some patients who were unable to conceive for a long time found that after weight loss, this problem disappeared. In addition, there is an improvement in well-being and the disappearance of many diseases associated with excess weight. In general, bariatric patients are more likely to tolerate pregnancy than obese women. Therefore, after stabilizing the weight and adapting to a new diet, you can safely plan a future pregnancy.

During the first year of the postoperative period, it is recommended to use two methods at once to prevent pregnancy. At this stage, there is a significant weight loss. For this reason, pregnancy for a woman at this time is undesirable.
After the operation, you will become a happy person

The optimal weight of a person does not guarantee him a happy life. Not only fat people feel unhappy, but also thin people. Surgery can improve your life, both physically and emotionally. Health will become stronger, self-esteem will increase. However, it will not solve the problems that are associated with the patient’s character, his financial condition and relationships with people.
The operation is very risky

Many people tend to exaggerate the dangers of bariatric surgery. If they are performed by a qualified surgeon, the probability of severe complications and death is less than one percent, which is very small. In patients with the most experienced surgeons, complications are extremely rare. Therefore, when choosing a clinic, you should pay attention to the qualifications of their specialists.

Very much people underestimate the threat to life that morbid obesity carries. Even without any operations, patients with this diagnosis die much more often than those men and women who use surgery to reduce weight.
Your body will be perfect after the operation

The main task of the operation is to reduce weight. However, this does not mean that the body shapes will immediately become perfect. Losing weight often leads to sagging skin and the formation of wrinkles that do not look very nice. This side effect can not be managed even with the help of physical exercise. Therefore, it is often possible to improve your appearance only with the help of plastic surgery. But although bariatric surgery does not improve the appearance of people, it is very useful for the well-being and health of people.
After the operation, normal nutrition will not be available

Normal nutrition after surgery is not prohibited, but it is also necessary. According to some patients, they get much more pleasure from eating than before. Now they pay more attention to the quality, rather than the quantity of food.

During the postoperative period, you will need to eat only liquid or ground food for several months. It will be possible to return to the usual dishes at the end of the first postoperative year. The only difference is that now they need to be taken in smaller quantities.
The operation will strengthen the relationship in the family

Statistics show that bariatric patients are more likely to get divorced than other people. The fact is that one of the partners is going through a major change. For example, it increases the attention of others, which may not please another family member. In addition, some patients after surgery seek to change their lives and their previous relationships are no longer satisfied.

Even if there are problems in family life after the operation, this is not a reason to break up. You need to show your spouse that he is a part of your new life. Bariatric surgery will not help resolve family differences. However, she will make a happy family life even happier.
The cost of the operation is very high

This statement is quite difficult to refute. In many countries, such operations are carried out with the participation of insurance companies. In the future, this practice may be used in Russia.

Studies show that obese people spend significantly more money on the treatment of comorbidities than bariatric patients. For example, morbid obesity is accompanied by arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus. Dealing with their symptoms is very expensive.

In addition to getting rid of excess weight, the operation will also allow you to do without frequent medication and regular access to the hospital. In addition, the duration of the patient’s full life will increase. Compared to these advantages, the cost of bariatric surgery does not look very high.

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