What is the ROSE Weight Loss Procedure?

ROSE stands for Restorative Obesity Surgery, Endoluminal. It is used to revise gastric bypass surgery in patients who have regained weight; the surgeon inserts the instruments through the mouth and esophagus. (“Endoluminal” means “within the cavity formed by a tube-shaped organ,” in this case the esophagus.)

It is sometimes needed a few years after weight loss surgery, when a gastric bypass patient puts back on some or all of his or her lost weight. The small stomach pouch created during the surgery can stretch, limiting the restrictive effect of gastric bypass and enabling the patient to overeat once more.

This procedure creates circumferential folds like a purse string around the stoma substantially reducing its diameter while also reducing the size of the stomach pouch.
How Is ROSE Surgery Performed, And What Are Its Benefits?

Because the surgeon uses the mouth, there is no incision.

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, which means you are asleep and don’t feel pain during the procedure.

Once you are unconscious, the surgeon inserts his instruments and guides them to your stomach.

A tool gathers up folds of stomach tissue and sutures them. This reduces the capacity of the stomach pouch. The tool also tightens the stoma, or stomach opening, which slows down digestion and helps patients feel full for a longer time.

The procedure takes about an hour.

This procedure can help restart weight loss if your previous bariatric procedure has not been as effective, or results haven’t been as permanent, as you’d like. You can benefit from a boost to the original procedure, meaning you’re more likely to reach and maintain your target weight.

A benefit of ROSE over other revision procedures is that it requires no cutting. Entry to the stomach is gained via the mouth, so the doctor doesn’t need to make incisions. This minimizes the risk of surgical injury and means you don’t have to recover from surgical wounds.
Recovery, Risks, And Complications After ROSE Surgery

This is usually done as an outpatient procedure, meaning patients can go home within a day. Because there are no incisions, recovery is usually quite rapid. This also means that there is minimal risk of any complications or serious side-effects, though as with any medical procedure, risk does exist. If any unusual discomfort or alarming symptoms appear, seek medical attention right away.
Learn More About ROSE

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