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At Marina Weight Loss Center, we are home to best-in-class surgeons. Our clinic, located in Marina Hospital, is an affiliate of Los Angeles’ premiere hospitals, Cedar Sinai. With our combined skill, experience, and knowledge in Bariatrics, we have become a center of excellence in the field. Patients across the city and across the nation have come to rely on us for the best, most effective weight loss treatment.


Our Bariatric Procedures

Our surgeons are trained in a wide variety of minimally invasive and non-surgical weight loss procedures that are designed to help those overcome their struggles with obesity. Our specialized doctors and surgeons perform a wide variety of Bariatric procedures, including:

Our medical team is committed to providing successful weight loss treatments in a comfortable and compassionate atmosphere. When you choose marina Weight Loss Center, you will have direct access to a full range of treatments, including supervised diet plans and the latest Bariatric surgery procedures. Let us help you find the best solution for your weight loss goals today.


Start Reaching Your Goals Today

Obesity is more than just a surface level concern. Obesity is a medical issue that can cause other serious complications for your health. Without proper treatment, you are putting your life and your family’s security at risk.

At Marina Weight Loss Center, we are dedicated to assisting you in your weight loss journey. We take the time to get to know you and fully understand your medical conditions to ensure you are getting the best, most effective treatment.

No matter if you are looking to lose 20 pounds or 200 pounds, our friendly and compassionate staff is here to guide you down the right path. To start living a healthier life and reach your weight loss goals, please reach out to us by clicking on the button below.