Bariatric Surgery

What Is Bariatric Surgery?

Bariatric surgery is a field of medical procedures that help assist patients struggling with obesity achieve weight loss. The goal of all Bariatric procedures is to alter the shape and size of the stomach, tricking the body into thinking it is fuller with less amounts of food. Bariatric surgery can reverse the complications caused by obesity and result in major weight loss.


Our Bariatric Procedures

Bariatric surgeries are performed in many different ways. At Marina Weight Loss Center, our surgeons specialize in laparoscopic Bariatric surgery, a less invasive method. Rather than making one large cut across the abdomen, our surgeons will make a series of small incisions, where specifically designed medical instruments will be inserted and operated outside of the body. This creates less surgical risk, less scarring, and gives you a faster recovery time. Our best-in-class Bariatric surgeons practice the safest, most effective methods of minimally invasive surgery to ensure you get the best results.


How Bariatric Surgery Can Benefit Your Life Today

If you are like most, you have struggled with your weight for your whole life. Not only has this affected your outer appearance, but also your overall health. Maybe you have struggled with sleep apnea, high blood pressure, or diabetes. With Bariatric surgery, you can take control of your life once again. With our minimally invasive procedures, you can finally end your battle with obesity for good. Reverse your symptoms and create the body you love by reaching out to our best-in-class team today.