Nonsurgical Weight Loss Programs

For those that do not qualify for weight loss surgery or are looking for a non-surgical approach to losing weight, we are here to help. At Marina Weight Loss Center, we are committed to our patient’s health. Our team is composed of specialized surgeons, nutritionists, physicians, and psychologists that are dedicated to creating the best weight loss program for your body.


Our Weight Loss Programs

At Marina Weight Loss Center, we help our patients make major lifestyle changes each and every day. Rather than providing a quick fix, we want to ensure long-term success. We accomplish this through a series of weight loss programs and seminars, that include:

  • Consultations that are personalized and adjusted to your progress
  • Support groups to discuss experiences and strategies for success
  • Individual sessions with experienced experts to learn about healthy eating, cooking, exercise, stress management, and more
  • Mentoring from successful peers
  • Access to our staff whenever you have concerns

If you are looking for a customized weight loss program to help you reach your goals, we are here to help. To learn more about our weight loss seminars, programs, and support groups, please click on the button below.


Start Your Weight Loss Journey Today

It’s never too late to make a positive change in your health. Starting your weight loss journey is often the hardest part. When you choose Marina Weight Loss Center, you will have a team of caring professionals by your side to help you through your entire journey. To get started with a custom weight loss program from our best in class doctors, please click on the button below.