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Patient Spotlight: Tania Bello

Tania-Bello-before-afterFollowing years of yo-yo dieting and enduring back and joint pain, Tania Bello contacted Marina Weight Loss Center and decided to change her life. In December of 2016, Tania Bello had a sleeve gastrectomy procedure with Dr. Korman. Her starting weight was 175 pounds and today we are thrilled to share that Tania weighs only 115 pounds! What began as a journey to improve her own life, has become something much more meaningful. We recently asked Tania to share her experience with us so that she may inspire others considering a similar, life-changing decision.

  1. What has been your biggest success thus far?

My biggest success is losing the weight so fast and feeling so good about myself. Not having any more back pain or joint pain and being able to walk for miles without back pain radiating down my leg.

  1. What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge was during the two weeks prior to my surgery. I posted pictures on Facebook of all my protein shakes and my meals every day as a countdown to the day of the surgery. Most recently, I was under tremendous stress with my mom’s illness and her passing; it was a challenge to stay focused on my meals and remain in control of what I should eat.

  1. What is your motivation for continued change?

My motivation to continue is looking at myself in the mirror and seeing the new me. I love what I see and that I now can wear clothes that I never thought I would wear again. Another motivating factor is my children; seeing how proud they are of me. I remember my son hugging me for the first time when I lost all the weight and he said, “Look at you, I can wrap my arms around you!”

  1. What is your favorite quick, go-to healthy meal?

I have many different quick meals but since I come from a Latin family that always eats rice, I make my cauliflower rice and eat it with black beans and either ground turkey, grilled chicken or fish.

  1. What advice would you give to those considering weight loss surgery?

My advice is to follow the instructions of the nutritionist and physician step-by-step on what you can or cannot eat, as well as exercise (at least walking.)  It is a life changing experience but so worth it.

  1. What was the craziest diet you tried before your surgery?

The last diet (not sure if it was the craziest) was the Nutri Bullet shakes and meals. I lost about 10 pounds at one point but gained it all back.

  1. What was the best/worst advice you ever received about dieting?

The best advice I received about dieting is to eat small portions and exercise. The worst advice was you can eat everything as along as it is in small portions.

  1. What would you tell your former self now if you could?

I would tell my former self, “why didn’t you do this earlier in life?” This has been the best decision that I have made for myself, and the best gift for my children and grandson.