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Super Foods In Preparations For Lap Band Surgery

Preparing for Lap Band Surgery

Super Foods In Preparations For Lap Band SurgeryWhat to Do Before Lap Band Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a great solution for those who feel like diet and exercise just aren’t enough. Gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgeries are two very effective types of weight loss surgery; however, they are very invasive. Many individuals who are interested in weight loss surgery turn to lap band surgery—a less invasive, yet highly effective option.

The way the lap band procedure works is simple. A silicone band is placed around the top part of the stomach, and from there can be adjusted to restrict food intake, ensuring that your body receives just the right amount of nutrients you need.

Before undergoing lap band surgery, keep the following things in mind.

Gather a Support System

Your support system of friends and family will be the most important component of your lap band procedure. You’ll want to make sure that they are aware of when the surgery is taking place and everything that will follow afterwards. This includes transportation, food, and other forms of everyday care.

Ask Questions and Know What to Expect

Before going through the procedure, you should know exactly what the surgeon is going to do before, after, and during the surgery. Your surgeon will be sure to fill you in on everything you need to know about the procedure, but it’s still important to ask them any questions you may have. What will your weight loss look like after the surgery? Will you achieve your weight loss goals?  Having a clear understanding of the procedure and the results will help you know what to expect.

Start Your Pre-Surgery Diet

If you reduce the amount of food intake before the surgery, your body will be more used to eating smaller amounts of food. You’ll want to opt for a smaller portions and fewer calories. Another good way to prepare for surgery and the change in diet is to eat your meals slowly. You are more likely to have success after the surgery if you practice eating this way beforehand.

Prepare For Post-Op Diet

Some of the foods that you will be limited to after the surgery include clear liquids, soups, broths, sugar-free popsicles, and skim milk. Be sure to ask your doctor about other foods that you can and can’t eat. This limitation of foods will continue for the first few weeks after the surgery, so make sure your fridge and pantry are well stocked beforehand.

Schedule Recovery Time

Although the actual procedure only takes about 30 minutes, you’ll need a few days of rest afterwards to recover. Make sure you have at least a week or so break from work. You’ll also be restricted to no heavy lifting for four to six weeks after the procedure. So plan accordingly! If you need to lift anything heavy, call a friend or family member to help.

Discover Healthy Recipes

Healthy cooking will be a big adjustment after the surgery, but you’ll learn to love it. Start diving into cookbooks for healthy recipes to make after your liquid diet. Having these recipes to look forward to after your surgery will help you greatly.

Prepare Yourself Mentally

Weight loss surgery is an emotional, life-changing process. Talk to your family members when you are feeling nervous and seek professional guidance when you need it. Remember, you are not alone and the surgery is only there to help you live a longer, happier life.