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Woman With Flatter Stomach After Weight Loss Surgery

How to Care for Yourself After Weight Loss Surgery

Woman With Flatter Stomach After Weight Loss SurgeryWeight Loss Surgery is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

There are many great reasons to choose weight loss surgery. Whether you and your doctor choose to go with the LapBand, gastric bypass, or any other type of weight loss surgery, the results will dramatically impact your life.

Staying in touch with your primary care doctor is always the most important thing that you can do to protect your health. Loving your body and your new life is about taking care of yourself after you have your weight loss surgery, and when you’re ready to leave the treatment facility, there should already be a solid meal plan in place for you to follow. This will help you get to your goal, and this will help you to stay on track for the rest of your life by teaching you good eating habits. While it is possible for you to gain back some of the weight that you’ve lost, sticking to a healthy diet and remaining patient with yourself is very important. This is a life change, and you will need time to adjust.

Carefully Monitor Your Food Intake

Nearly everyone agrees that the most effective way to live a healthy lifestyle is by using portion control when it comes to food. Small amounts of food throughout the day to keep you going will not only help your metabolism stay as fast as it can be, but is also instrumental in keeping your energy levels up as food is burned throughout the day. All of this helps you to stay focused on being your best, and making better decisions when it comes not only to portions, but to choosing healthy things to have for your snacks. One recommended method of controlling your food intake on the go is to portion out food the night before; that way, you can grab and go.

Drink Plenty of Water

Without water, we don’t function properly. Every bodily system that we have relies on the movement of water through the body, and without drinking enough water, we not only aren’t functioning properly, we put ourselves at risk for dehydration and sickness. Water also helps your body flush out waste and impurities, which is extremely important when you’re on a path to fitness. When you’re ready to start exercising vigorously, staying in the habit of drinking water will be essential to your success on your weight loss journey.

Make Your Walks Brisk Until You Can Run

Exercise is the second-most important part of your journey to a healthy life after weight loss surgery. Your doctor will tell you what, specifically, you should do for exercise, or refer you to a trainer. Most doctors will tell you to start with walking. Strolling makes a difference in your metabolism, and you may feel hungry after. This is normal, and you’ll have properly-portioned food ready to go after your walk. After you get used to the first walk, you build from there, eventually running, and adding weight training. Again, your doctor will let you know what, specifically, you need to do, but you will do yourself a world of good when you are proactive in caring for your own health.