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Woman Measures Waist With Lap Band

What to Expect Before & After Lap Band Surgery

Woman Measures Waist With Lap BandWith the Lap Band, You Can Live the Life You Want

Lap band surgery is one of the most popular weight loss surgery procedures. Patented in the early 1990s, lap band surgery was the most innovative type of solution for extreme weight loss at that time. Unlike gastric bypass which permanently alters the shape and size of the stomach, lap band surgery involves placing an inflatable band around the stomach. What can you expect before and after lap band surgery? Keep reading to find out.

Before Lap Band Surgery

Before lap band surgery, it’s important to set expectations. Speak with your doctor to make sure you understand the entire pre and post-surgery process. In order to make weight loss a success you will have to prepare both mentally and physically. Discuss the weight loss surgery process with your doctor and get a firm understanding of the potential results. For a speedy, safe, and simple recovery, plan to complete the following things before you go in for surgery:

  • Establish a support system to help you with post-op care
  • Stock up on post-op foods that meet the guidelines your doctor provided you
  • Start adjusting your diet before surgery
  • Plan to have friends and family around to help you with daily living tasks
  • Make sure you have ample time to recover
  • Have vitamins and supplements on hand
  • Follow a liquid diet roughly four to seven days before surgery
  • Prepare yourself mentally
  • Find healthy recipes
  • Cook healthy foods and freeze them into single portions


Right After Lap Band Surgery

Lap band surgery takes roughly 20-30 minutes and most patients can go home on the same day. If your surgeon thinks it would be best to keep you overnight, you’ll be moved into a room. A few hours after surgery, your team will ask you to get up and move around. Being mobile after lap band surgery helps significantly with recovery.

One Week After Lap Band Surgery

The one week mark is generally when most people are able to get back to their daily routines. If you are still having a difficult time with your diet or with choosing correct portions, make sure that you keep your doctor and your medical team in the loop. Your progress is the most important part and your team will help you develop a plan to ensure your success.

Two Months After Lap Band Surgery

You should be clear to start working out two months after your lap band procedure. Doing so is necessary to continue your journey to better health. Develop an exercise plan that holds you accountable. Sometimes finding an exercise buddy is the perfect way to make working out fun. Don’t forget that everyone’s body is different and different bodies have different needs. Find routines that work for your body and lifestyle.

Things to Consider

In addition to following your surgeon’s instructions, it’s important to keep the following things in mind to help ensure you lose weight safely:

  • Monitor your lap band to prevent slippage
  • If you experience pain, acid reflux or have trouble stomaching food, contact your doctor
  • Avoid foods and drinks with high sugars and fats
  • Avoid alcohol and soda
  • Develop an exercise plan and hold yourself to it
  • Join a support group
  • Adjust your eating habits
  • Listen to your body
  • Drink 6-8 cups of water each day to maintain hydration
  • Schedule post-op appointments and always go to them
  • Track your progress
  • Stay positive throughout the weight loss process