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Woman With Smaller Waist Size Due To Gastric Bypass

What You Should Know about Gastric Bypass

If You’re Considering Gastric Bypass, You’re Not AloneWoman With Smaller Waist Size Due To Gastric Bypass

Thousands of people have had gastric bypass surgery, and most all have had wonderful results. Gastric bypass is one of the options that you may have if you are in need of drastic weight loss. Any bariatric surgery can prove to be a life-changing surgery, but gastric bypass is one of the first, and by far, the most common. The procedure has been around since around the middle of the 20th century, when doctors noticed that patients that suffered from ulcers tended to drop weight quickly. Doctors figured out shrinking the human stomach would typically yield these results, and weight loss surgeries became available shortly after. Most things about gastric bypass are questions that are easily answered, but make sure that you are aware of a couple of big points.

You’ll Need Your Doctor’s Approval

There is a set of guidelines for bariatric surgery that takes each person’s unique bodily situation into consideration. Be aware that even if you fulfil most or all of the guidelines, there may be reasons that your doctor does not recommend you for the weight loss surgery, or suggests a different type of bariatric surgery. If your doctor feels that you’re a good candidate for the surgery, particularly if your risk factors are limited, then you can contact a weight loss center.

You’ll Need a Weight Loss Center

Your primary care doctor won’t be the one performing the surgery, but you will not be forced to scout out specific surgeons, unless you want to. Your insurance company will have a surgeon in your area that will be able to perform your procedure. Once you’ve located a center, you will have a consultation with at least one member of your medical team. Your medical team will discuss the process, the procedure, and mention resources that will be available to you after your surgery.

You’ll Need Time to Recover

Technological advances in gastric bypass surgeries have made these types of surgeries less invasive, thereby shortening healing times, but don’t take this to mean that you will be perfectly fine the minute your surgery is over. Recovering from surgery is like recovering from an injury. You will need plenty of rest, water, and bland food. You will be spending at least one night in the weight loss center, so make sure that you pack your favorite book or a couple of movies, plus clean, comfortable pajamas. After you’re out of the center, a little bit of nausea or vomiting is normal, but if you’re experiencing abdominal pain, bleeding, or are violently nauseous, contact your medical team immediately. Complications can arise from bariatric surgery, and they need to be handled properly.

You’ll Need to Make Changes

Having your gastric bypass is half of the battle. The other half is changing the way that you view eating and exercise. Sometimes, it is difficult to get better control of your eating and activity because you’re trying to go down this road alone. Your weight loss center will have some resources to assist you in losing the weight, and keeping it off.